On a hot Sunday, August 5, 2018, in New Orleans, Sadie Thibodeaux went out on Michael Lee Farley’s 34-foot sailboat the GOOD HUMOR . The boat would be found adrift without a mast or crew 100 yards from shore near the UNO campus. Only a dog was on board. 13 hours later the U.S. Coast Guard New Orleans would locate Mr. Farley a mile from the south shore of the Lake Pontchartrain. It would not be until Tuesday afternoon that the exercise instructor Sadie Thibodeaux would be found by the United Cajun Navy volunteers, 1/4 mile from the Seabrook Boat Launch.

Linus Wilson takes you to the center of the search at the USCG station New Orleans in Metairie Louisiana, The University of New Orleans (UNO), Orleans Marina, Lakeshore Drive, the Seabrook Boat Launch, and the New Orleans Lakefront Airport to help unravel the mystery of what caused Sadie Thibodeaux and Micheal Lee Farley to leave the confines of the GOOD HUMOR sailboat.

You will also see Commander Jeff Walls of the Lakeview 3rd district of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) comment on the investigation.

Was it bad weather? Did they go for a swim and the boat drifted away? Watch and find out.

We referenced a quote from Sadie’s sister in the following article:

Weather data from Weather Underground.

The video features a story that relates to rescue and recovery from Sir Robin Knox Johnston the first man to sail around the globe solo and non-stop in his boat Suhaili as he encourages Golden Globe Race (GGR) 2018 participants Antoine Cousot and Nabil Amra.

This video also features an extended interview with Todd Terrell who led the United Cajun Navy search for Sadie on August 7, 2018.

You can learn how to donate towards the United Cajun Navy’s mobile command center below:

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